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24 Inch Human Hair Clip in Hair Extensions straight #613 7PCS(Deluxe)

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Quick Overview

Type Clip In Hair Extensions
Fiber 100% Remy Human Hair
Weight 135gFull Head Set
Color #613
Length 24 Inches
Texture Straight
Qty 1 Set

Product Description


Life 6 To 12 Months
Wefts 7 Pieces
Clips 16
Contents One 8" wide wefts(4 clips per weft)
Two 6" wide wefts(3 clips per weft)
Two 4" wide wefts(2 clips per weft)
Two 2" wide wefts(1 clip per weft)


These clip in hair extensions feature 100% Remy Human Hair, and there is no chemicals in the processing. Grade A material ensures durability. 24 Inch Human Hair Clip in Hair Extensions straight #613 7PCS(Deluxe) is in a perfect shape, feels soft and looks natural. Human hair extensions can be straightened, curled, dyed if you like. It's easy to apply hair extensions, and you can visit our hair extensions guide. The gorgeous hair piece will add your hair volume and change your look anytime. Get the 24 Inch Human Hair Clip in Hair Extensions straight #613 7PCS(Deluxe) right now!

About Human Hair Extensions:

1.How long do human hair extensions last?

Our hair extensions are made of 100% human hair, so they last longer. You should take good care of your hair piece, or you will replace your hair extensions every three to six months.

2.Can I dye, straight or curl my clip in hair extensions?

Yes, you can do it. Our Remy Hair Extensions feature real Remy human hair which can be dyed, straightened and curled, then they will still be soft and natural.

3. Can I wash my hair extensions?

Yes, you can. Remember you should remove your clip in hair extensions instead of attaching to your own hair. Treat your hair piece like your own real hair. Use high quality shampoo and conditioner in order to keep your Remy hair extensions looking silky and shinny.

4.Can I keep my clip in hair extensions in my hair over night?

No, you can not do it. It's not safe to leave in your own hair when you are sleeping. What's more, it will make you feel uncomfortable.

5.Will other people see the clips when wearing the clip in hair extensions?

No, other people will not see the clips. It will be a natural look and blends perfectly with your own real hair.



Use your index fingers to make the parting. These partings are referred to (in professional terms) as tracks. Always follow the contour of your head.Move your fingers from the front towards the back until they meet in the center of your head. The result is a "U" shaped part.

If you have long hair, you'll need to get it out of the way so it won't get caught in the clips. Clean, neat parts make a difference. First, it's uncomfortable if you catch loose hairs in the clips. We call these cross-hairs. Second, this isn't safe. That's because it's these cross-hairs that will be pulled out of your head whenever there is any "stress" on these hairs. By stress I mean any pulling on the hair which can happen, as an example, when you lean against the back of your car seat. Pop (snap) open the clips on the weft. On the wefts used on the back of your head, the Back Pieces have 3 clips. One at each end and one in the middle.

To open the clips, put your index fingers behind the clip and your thumbs on the clips. Then simply push your index fingers against the clip and - click - the clip pops open.

To close a clip, just apply a little pressure - click - and it snaps shut.

It's very important that you place the clips on the hair below the part. This is the natural way your hair grows. We have a saying I'd like you to remember. You can fool Mother Nature but never go against her! For the wefts in the back, start with the middle clip. Capture hair (under the part) and snap shut. After doing the middle clip, you can then attach the two end clips. There you are - more hair in just a snap!

Easy To Attach - Clip-In Side Pieces

Side pieces can go on the side, in the back and even on the top of your head.

Simply open the clip by gently pulling backwards until you hear the clip release. Then gently remove the section being careful not to pull your hair. It is suggested to move the placement of your sections slightly every couple of wearing. This will allow the clip to rest in a different area preventing too much stress on your hair.

  • Shampooing should be done only after 4 to 5 uses.
  • Gently detangle thoroughly from ends to clips with a pick or wide tooth comb before washing Clip-in Hair Extensions.
  • Use a gentle flow of water holding your Hair Extensions by the clip allowing the water to run down the hair shafts (does not scrunch or tangle hair).
  • Carefully shampoo with tepid water and moisturizing or detangling shampoo. Do not rub or twist the hair. Gently squeeze shampoo through hair from clips to ends. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Gently squeeze out excess water and pat or squeeze dry with towel. Do not roll or rub hair dry in towel.
  • Gently detangle again with a pick or wide tooth comb. Start with the ends and work upward to remove any tangles (being careful not to pull too hard).
  • Do not brush when wet.
  • We recommend you let your Hair Extensions air dry. If you do choose to blow dry, use the low cool setting.
  • Store with clips closed to avoid tangling.

About Hair Length

Weft hair extensions add length and volume to your current hairstyle. These types of extensions are available in wider pieces, approximately six or more inches, and make your hair appear fuller. They are applied in a professional salon or at home, usually by bonding, clipping, or sewing them in. Once you have applied your new extensions, you should follow proper hair care techniques to keep them looking great.

Brush With Care

Before you wash your extensions, gently remove knots and tangles with your fingers. Then, gently brush through your extensions with a specialized hair extension brush or soft bristle brush. Avoid yanking or pulling on your extensions, as this may cause hair to fall out or cause your extensions to become loose.

Don't Over Wash

Hair extensions do not need to be washed every day. Limit washing times to two or three days per week and use a moisturizing shampoo on your hair. Try Pure Care Shampoo and Conditioner. It cleans and conditions, is sulfate-free, and is safe for using on chemically treated hair.

Avoid Heat-Styling Tools

Heat can damage weft extensions and cause the hair to become weak. If you have human hair extensions, you can use heat-styling tools such as straighteners, curling irons, or hair dryers, but you should only use these tools when necessary. Always mist your hair with a heat protectant spray before you use a heat-styling tool. Never use heat-styling tools on synthetic extensions, as it can damage the hair and cause it to melt.

Special Considerations

Avoid chemical treatments and dyeing your weft extensions. If you want to change your hair color, consider waiting to have your hair dyed until after you have removed your hair extensions. Purchase new extensions in the color you want and take them to your stylist who can recommend a new overall hair color that complements the color of your extensions.

Use special care when you go swimming at a pool or at the beach. Chlorine and salt water can damage your hair, so it is important to avoid getting your hair wet and to rinse your hair thoroughly after swimming.

A routine hair care regimen is vital for proper upkeep of our 100% natural human hair products. The more you take care of your hair, the better you protect your investment... Ultimately leading to a happier you